Fully Insured
A.S.O. (Administrative Services Only)
Minimum Premium
PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization)
POS (Point of Service Organization)
DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization)
PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
Defined Benefit Pension
Benefit Plan Coordinators

David C. Rushmore, President
Certified Employee Benefit Specialist
California License No. 0387237

Benefit Plan Coordinators has been providing professional employee benefit services to large and small employer groups for over 40 years.  We can help you achieve the right benefit coverage for your company, effectively help manage your benefits-related costs, and optimize the overall performance of your plan. 
Peace of Mind for Employees, Innovative Solutions for Employers ...

We realize the importance of creating a customized Employee Benefits program crafted to satisfy your goals and objectives.  By offering sound, comprehensive benefit plans, employers are able to attract and retain new and competent talent, motivate your existing workforce, protect executives within your organization, and remain viable when a key employee leaves.  Through our innovative array of benefit programs, we have the expertise you need to purchase the right benefits for your company, and the dedication of continued service after the sale.  BPC has the ability to find the right insurance company, at the best price, with the most suitable benefits for your organization.  The following are among the many types of employee benefit services we offer: